Are Slippers the New Hero Gift This Season?

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Thought slippers were just for quick bodega runs and hotel lobbies? Well, think again. From Sienna Miller’s minimal suede pair from Tkees to Hailey Bieber’s fashion-forward pair, there is something for whatever occasion lies on the road ahead. It’s worth getting a pair for yourself before you even begin to tackle everyone else on your “to-shop-for” list. They might just be the perfect travel shoe this season: backless, pain-free, and swell-proof.

Gucci’s opulent velvet slippers are a no-brainer when it comes to holiday party dressing—and that goes for cocktail hour or black tie—while Rosetta Getty’s shearling slides are chic alternative to the killer heels you’ve had stashed under your office all year. Even slippers that are actually meant for indoors only, like Patricia Green’s pink gingham pair or Gianvito Rossi’s signature floral pair exclusive to My Theresa, can be put to work, too. Pro tip: Take them to a local shoe cobbler and get them soled. You’ll have yourself a pair of designer shoes for $158!

Skoðað: 3613

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